#FireGinaCarano Trends Again After The Actress Shows Support For Recent Riots

Gina Carano

It’s been almost a month since Gina Carano found herself at the center of an online firestorm, which is pretty good going by her standards, after The Mandalorian‘s Cara Dune has faced the wrath of an angry Twitter mob on an almost daily basis recently. The actress’ personal and political opinions don’t sit well with many folks, but they’re her opinions, so it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things what other people think.

The former MMA fighter has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t care in the slightest, and you almost get the feeling that she’s trolling on purpose at this point. Indeed, Carano liked several tweets this week that appeared to support the same ideologies as those who wound up storming the Capitol a few days ago, leading to calls for her to be fired from the Disney Plus Star Wars series once again.

Of course, unless she was actually in the thick of it with the mob and was pictured sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office herself, there are no grounds for the Mouse House to terminate her contract. However, after Disney CEO Bob Chapek released a statement condemning the actions of those involved with the insurrection, the replies were almost immediately flooded by the latest wave of the #FireGinaCarano movement, as you can see below.

The 38 year-old has already unliked several of the more inflammatory tweets, but as we’ve seen many times over the years, the internet never forgets. Clearly, separating the artist from the art is proving difficult for some fans, but whether they like it or not, Carano’s role in Star Wars is probably only going to increase with Rangers of the New Republic joining The Mandalorian on the schedule.