The Internet’s Calling Out Gina Carano For Supporting Recent Riots

Gina Carano

Gina Carano continues to generate controversy on social media.

By this point, The Mandalorian star has made it clear that she has many divisive opinions, such as being anti-mask/vaccine, believing Joe Biden’s election win is fraudulent and other views generally associated with those who back Donald Trump. And now, the former MMA fighter turned actress has done it again, by indicating that she supports the destructive protests at Capitol Hill that occurred this week.

On this occasion, Carano didn’t voice her own stance on the matter, but she did like a few tweets on Twitter from other users which said it all. As you can imagine, this has reignited the backlash surrounding her, with swathes of Star Wars fans rallying against the actress once again over the incident.

As before, many are calling for Disney to fire Carano from future SW projects.

For some, the problem is that they feel that the actress’ personal views are diametrically at odds with the character that she plays on screen.

Obviously, defenders of Carano tend to say that it’s all a matter of differing opinions. But others feel that, given the severity of the Capitol Hill incident, it goes beyond that.

Disney have already released a statement blasting the events and some have now used it to blast them back for still standing by the actress.

As of Friday afternoon, Carano appears to have picked up on the backlash to these tweets and has unliked them. But it seems the damage is done, thanks to the screenshots of her likes tab that are still being spread around social media.

Once again, we’re left wondering if Disney is going to react to the division that Gina Carano continues to create online, or if they’re willing to let it blow over (if and when that happens) and keep her on board for The Mandalorian season 3 and beyond. At this point, though, you’d imagine that if her job’s still secure despite Twitter storm after Twitter storm, then it probably always will be.