Gina Carano Trolls Her Haters With Hilarious Star Wars Meme

Gina Carano

At this point, Gina Carano just seems to be trolling people for fun. The Mandalorian‘s Cara Dune has been a lightning rod for controversy over the last several months, with fans demanding that she be fired from the Disney Plus show for voicing her personal opinions on social media. Of course, opinions are exactly what they are, and she’s entitled to them just like the rest of us, giving the studio no grounds to terminate her contract based on a few unhappy campers.

As a former professional MMA fighter that trash talked her opponents for a living and then backed it up with her performances in the cage, Carano has a pretty thick skin, and she’s paid very little heed to the ongoing backlash against her. If anything, she’s only stoked the fire even further by continuing to lean into her online persona as the most polarizing figure in a galaxy far, far away.

There’ve been rumors that the actress could end up losing out on a planned solo spinoff based on the fact that she’s trending for the wrong reasons so often, but none of these reports have been confirmed by Disney yet. In fact, if there’s anything that would stop the 38 year-old from headlining her own series, it might be the fact that she’s not a particularly good actress and always comes across as wooden in her scenes.

However, Carano has once again pulled the trigger on her itchy Twitter finger and posted a Star Wars meme as a rebuttal to her detractors, which you can check out below.

The small screen world of Star Wars expanded greatly this week after Disney’s Investor Day, and there are any number of ways for Carano and Cara Dune to remain part of the franchise whether it be The Mandalorian or another project entirely, regardless of what she’s been tweeting. But right now, it remains to be seen what the Mouse House will do about all the backlash currently surrounding her.