Disney Reportedly Asking Gina Carano To Apologize If She Still Wants A Mandalorian Spinoff

Gina Carano

There are a lot of people out there who post much more offensive and inflammatory things on the internet than Gina Carano, but her status as a principal cast member on one of the world’s biggest TV shows has acted as a lightning rod for controversy given her itchy Twitter finger over the last few months.

Fans have repeatedly been calling for Disney and Lucasfilm to hand the actress her marching orders from The Mandalorian, but other than offer personal thoughts that go against the grain of things like popular opinion and proven science, she hasn’t technically done anything wrong.

Still, it feels as if barely a day goes by without Carano making the headlines for her social media activity, and even though they can’t outright fire her based on her posts, Disney will be keenly aware of the continued backlash, something that won’t sit well with the Mouse House’s staunchly family-friendly reputation.

Of course, ever since Cara Dune first appeared on The Mandalorian, there’s been talk of her getting a spinoff, although fans have considerably cooled on the idea recently. And while it remains to be seen what’ll happen with it, insider Daniel Richtman claims that Disney have now taken matters into their own hands and asked the former MMA fighter to apologize for her repeated transgressions, otherwise she can forget about that solo series.

Over on his Patreon account, the tipster shared the following:

“Disney told Gina Carano she needs to apologize if she wants her own spinoff.”

Of course, this sounds suspiciously like blackmail, and it’s hard to imagine that the hierarchy would offer such a severe ultimatum to one of their contracted talents when they have no grounds to discipline her over what she posts on Twitter in her free time.

Not only that, but Richtman also shared just the other week that the project had already been cancelled. Perhaps things have changed, though? In any case, the insider has a proven track record when it comes to Hollywood scoops, so we’re inclined to believe him on this one.

The anti-Carnao mob would no doubt be thrilled at the news, of course, but as it stands, she remains a key part of The Mandalorian, and unless she gets killed off in the next two weeks, we can probably expect to see Gina back for season 3, even if she doesn’t get her own show in the end.