The MCU May Have Already Revealed How Kid Loki Killed Thor

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

He may have taken the form of a teenager, but the most dangerous Loki variant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series is the youngest version. When Tom Hiddleston voices his incredulity at taking orders from a child, it’s revealed that Kid Loki’s Nexus event saw him accomplish the very thing the main timeline’s trickster had failed to do so often by killing Thor.

Even though there are infinite realities in the multiverse, it’s still a surprise to discover that there’s one out there where the God of Thunder met his demise at the hands of his mischievous sibling. There’s been no official confirmation from Marvel Studios as to how Kid Loki managed the feat, but there’s a new theory making the rounds that claims it’s already been explained in the MCU, tied to Thor: Ragnarok.

In Taika Waititi’s cosmic blockbuster, Chris Hemsworth regales Bruce Banner and Valkyrie with the hilarious tale of how Loki once turned into a snake and stabbed him. Kid Loki is shown to favor the blade as his weapon of choice, and it’s been established that Nexus events result in the perpetrator being sent to the Void, so the theory puts forward the notion that this is the exact moment on another timeline where Thor dies unexpectedly, forcing the Time Variance Authority to step in and prune the Laufeyson.

Of course, the multiple variants and their respective backstories weren’t designed to be over-analyzed and dissected by fans, but that’s what happens when you cultivate the level of investment that the MCU has over the last thirteen years. Still, it’s definitely something worth thinking about, especially when we know for a fact Kid Loki is the only one to get the drop on his brother.