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The most controversial moment in ‘Secret Invasion’ hasn’t dented hopes for a butchered character’s rapid-fire return

It's all in the past, it seems.

Secret Invasion
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Among many other things, Secret Invasion provided MCU die-hards with some of the most questionable choices in the entire franchise. However, it seems like not even that is enough to put out excitement over the prospect of a fan-favorite’s approaching return.

Ever since its season one finale debuted, the Disney Plus show has been heavily criticized for ruining James Rhodes’ characterization and development across the franchise’s multiple installments. (Not to mention the fact that it makes little sense for Rhodey to have been a Skrull since Captain America: Civil War.) But it seems like some fans are willing to put that all behind them if they get to see Don Cheadle in Captain America: Brave New World.

Naturally, we knew that Secret Invasion wouldn’t be the last we saw of Cheadle, as he’ll be getting his very own MCU film in the future, Armor Wars. That said, some Redditors in the r/MarvelStudios sub cannot wait much longer to witness War Machine in action, which leaves them hoping for an appearance in the Sam Wilson-focused movie. In fans’ opinions, this is also a very likely possibility, considering the rumor that Brave New World will assemble the next big Avengers team.

If fans are correct, we may get to see Rhodey fighting alongside some extremely powerful characters, such as Captain Marvel and Shang-Chi. Unfortunately, so far there have been no signs that Cheadle will be joining Anthony Mackie in his fight against Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk. That type of thing has never prevented folks from wishing and theorizing, though, and it certainly won’t stop them now.

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