The most expensive jewelry seen in Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’


Netflix is gearing up to launch the second season of its hits Regency-era drama Bridgerton which will give fans a further glimpse into the families, lives, and homes of the early 1800s.

A part of this is the outfits and different fashion choices each character brings to the table. In the first season alone, there are plenty of elegant looks and items, especially when it comes to flaunting the most exquisite pieces of jewelry.

There are many accessories to check out in Bridgerton, however, some boast a bigger price tag than others. For those who are looking to find out who owns the most valuable pieces, here are the top five expensive jewelry items in season one.

Daphne’s gold pear shape diamond necklace

Daphne necklace in Bridgerton
Screengrab via Netflix

The first piece of jewelry from Bridgerton to approach the one-million-dollar mark is Daphne’s gold pear-shaped necklace. The necklace is estimated to be worth around $800,000.

While it includes multiple different gems, it’s the centerpiece diamond that brings a lot of its value as estimators believe it to be six carats.

Daphne wears many such unique necklaces that reflect her “refined and simple” personality, according to Ellen Mirojnick, the show’s costume designer in a chat with Insider. While this necklace is one of Daphne’s most impressive, it isn’t the most expensive piece the character wears during the course of the show.

Marina’s gold diamond necklace

Marina necklace in BridgertonMarina necklace in BridgertonMarina necklace in Bridgerton
Screengrab via Netflix

Landing just shy of two million dollars, Marina’s gold diamond necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the show so far. Jewelry experts believe the gold diamond piece which Marina wears during her time at the ball could be worth around $1.9 million dollars.

While it might not be the most flashy necklace in the show, the quality of the gemstones in this necklace makes it one of the most expensive and there is no denying it’s an impressive piece.

Daphne’s white gold diamond necklace

Daphne's necklace in Bridgerton
Screengrab via Netflix

The most expensive piece of jewelry that Daphne receives during Bridgerton season one is a white gold diamond necklace given to her by Prince Frederick of Prussia.

With its white gold and large diamonds believed to be 10 carats each, experts predict it could sell for around $3.8 million dollars which easily makes it one of the most expensive pieces in the show.

Sadly, this magnificent necklace doesn’t get much screentime as Daphne takes it off soon after the prince proposes. It is just there to signify that just like the necklace, the proposal doesn’t have any space in her life.

While the prince does adorn Daphne with the most expensive piece of jewelry she has ever worn, it’s his Aunty, Queen Charlotte who really shows off in the jewelry department.

Queen Charlotte’s yellow gold pigeon blood ruby drop earrings

Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton
Via Netflix

When it comes to one single piece of jewelry, no item in the show is worth as much as Queen Charlotte’s yellow gold pigeon blood ruby earrings, which represents her dominating presence.

Worth around $7.6 million, it’s the sheer rarity of this item that makes it so valuable.

Given that Charlotte is the Queen you’d expect her to flaunt the most impressive accessories in the show, but it’s not just jewelry, as she also owns the most expensive home amongst all elite characters in the series.

Lady Danbury’s white gold diamond tiara and marquise diamond necklace

Lady Danbury in Bridgerton
Screengrab via Netflix

While it may be the fact they are a set, Lady Danbury’s tiara and necklace are two of the most valuable items in the show and undoubtedly top the list together.

The white gold diamond tiara is the most expensive of the two with its many stones together estimated to be over 100 carats, on its own this item could sell for around $6.5 million! On the other hand, the necklace will sell for a far cheaper price, however, it’s not something that regular people can afford. Experts estimate the diamond necklace could sell for around $4 million.

Here’s hoping that Bridgerton will continue the enticingly lavish display of its affluent characters’ lives with more pieces of unique jewelry in Season 2 as well.

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