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The much-awaited ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Vol. 3 is now streaming on Netflix

Rise of the Robots.

Love, Death + Robots is one of the best things on Netflix and the streamer is well aware of this fact. The science-fiction anthology first hit the franchise in 2019, post which Volume II was swiftly greenlit and arrived last year. Now, almost exactly a year on from that, the hugely anticipated Volume III is finally here.

The nine new episodes (one more than we got in the last volume) once again give some of the best animators in the world free reign to tell whatever science-fiction fiction story they want, so long as it features at least one robot (or AI).

We got a surprise preview of Vol. III yesterday when Netflix unexpectedly dropped a new episode on YouTube. This turned out to be a sequel to the very popular Vol. I episode ‘Three Robots,’ in which a trio of adorable robots journeyed around a ruined human city and encountered Earth’s new feline overloads. These three robots are back in ‘Exit Strategy,’ this time studying how mankind attempted to survive the apocalypse before we went extinct.

Though this episode has a rather goofy storyline, anyone who’s seen previous volumes will know that the show’s tone can wildly change between episodes. There are some genuinely horrific concepts tucked away in Love, Death + Robots, with Vol. 1 episode ‘Beyond the Aquila Rift’ containing truly freaky body horror imagery.

If you’re a fan of speculative sci-fi, weird stuff, or simply well-told, good-looking short stories, it’s time to find a comfy spot and settle down today to flick through what the series has to offer. We doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Love, Death + Robots Vol III is available to stream on Netflix.

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