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Watch: Netflix has released the first episode of LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 3 on YouTube

Netflix has uploaded a preview of the new LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 3 to YouTube.

Image via Netflix
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Netflix has just released a preview of the highly anticipated Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 before the complete volume launches on the streaming service on Friday. This preview segment sees the show return to one of the most popular episodes from previous volumes. 

Called 3 Robots: Exit Strategies, this short is a sequel to the Three Robots story from the first volume of the popular sci-fi anthology show. The previous short and this new one are written by sci-fi legend John Scalzi, the author of the Old Man’s War and Lock In books. The first Three Robots short followed three robots as they explored a post-apocalyptic world, encountering scattered and broken remains of human civilization. 

The sequel features all the clever dialogue and dramatic irony of the previous short as the titular robots blunder their way through the wasteland uncovering things that, while mysterious to the robots, are familiar to those watching at home, presenting a unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre. The short also delivers some fascinating social commentary and an environmental message which shows that the third volume of Love, Death + Robots isn’t going to be backing away from more serious topics. 

Netflix describes the short as: 

The first direct sequel in Love, Death + Robots history – from the mind of acclaimed sci-fi novelist John Scalzi. The titular trio of droll droids return to take a whirlwind tour studying post-apocalyptic human survival strategies before mankind was finally snuffed out. 

They also offer a shorter description which simply sums up the short by saying: 

Three robots walk into the post-apocalypse… and take a whirlwind tour of humankind’s last attempts to save itself.

The complete Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 arrives on Netflix on May 20th.