The Original Transformers Series Is Now Streaming For Free On YouTube

It’s hard to forget the original Transformers series from 1984 even if it’s just for the catchy theme song. Transformers, more than meets the eye. Transformers, robots in disguise! This introduction to the world of Optimus Prime and the Autobots battling the Decepticons is now easier to watch than ever before thanks to a really cool move by Hasbro.

The first two seasons of the original series are now available to stream on YouTube for absolutely free. This may be a cool promotional move to promote future projects and films for the franchise and there’s no word on if this is only for a limited time, but either way, it’s an awesome development.

Those who want to binge-watch Transformers can find two playlists — one for season 1 and one for season 2 — available on YouTube. As it’s one of the highest quality releases of the series in some time, it may even be worth a rewatch for long-time fans.