‘The Outer Banks’ season 3 cast and release window on Netflix

Image via Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 2 of Outer Banks.

The wait is almost over for Outer Banks‘ fans. The action-packed Netflix drama about two groups of North Carolina teens and their search for a legendary treasure is gearing up to return. The hype is real for season three after Netflix dropped a teaser trailer in late September. While the footage didn’t show us much but the Pogues hanging out on a deserted island they’ve named “Poguelandia,” we’re sure that the group will encounter the rival Kooks on their dangerous quest for treasure. We’ll be seeing some familiar faces in the new season, but there’s some surprises in store, including some newly cast characters who are sure to shake things up for our favorite group of Pogues.

Here’s what we know so far about the cast of season three of Outer Banks and when John B. and his friends will return to Netflix.

Who’s in the cast for season three?

Season two ended with some big reveals: Ward had somehow survived when he seemingly went down with his exploding ship. If that wasn’t enough of a shock, the season finale sees Carla Limbray meet up with a wounded but very alive Big John. The two will be teaming up to find “the shroud” Limbray searched for throughout the season. The holy garment is rumored to have healing properties, and Big John claims he knows where it is.

In season three, Charles Halford will be playing John B.’s previously presumed dead father in a recurring role. According to Deadline, the main cast will all be reprising their roles and newest Pogue, Cleo, portrayed by Carlacia Grant, will be a main cast member in the new season. In addition to the returning cast members, Netflix has cast Andy McQueen as Carlos Singh, described as “a Caribbean don on a treasure hunt of his own,” and Lou Ferrigno, Jr. as Ryan, Singh’s top security officer. Season three of Outer Banks will also see Fiona Palomo as Sofia, a self-identified Pogue who secretly longs to be a Kook and gets close to Rafe throughout the season.

The returning main cast consists of:

  • Chase Stokes as main protagonist John B.
  • Madelyn Cline as his love interest and “Kook princess” Sarah Cameron,
  • Madison Bailey as Kiara “Kie” Carrera, the rebellious daughter of a wealthy restaurant owner
  • Jonathan Daviss as “the brains of the operation” Pope Heyward
  • Rudy Pankow as John B.’s childhood friend JJ Maybank
  • Austin North as Topper, Sarah’s ex boyfriend and Kook
  • Charles Esten as Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father and wealthy businessman
  • Drew Starkey as Sarah’s troubled older brother Rafe Cameron

When will Outer Banks season three release?

As of writing, there’s no set date for season three, but we do know that it will premiere sometime in 2023. On Feb. 28, the show’s official social media accounts announced it had entered production. The teaser trailer was posted on Sep. 24, and we’ll continue to update this space as Netflix releases new information about the show’s upcoming season.

The first two seasons of Outer Banks are available for streaming on Netflix.