Frank Castle Stalks The Streets Of Hell’s Kitchen In New Photos For The Punisher


The Punisher is coming to collect.

With a November 17th release date locked in, and that bone-crunching final trailer out in the open, Marvel and Netflix are beginning to make the final push to promote Frank Castle’s imminent arrival – even if that launch was delayed in light of the recent Las Vegas shooting.

But thanks to the show’s official Twitter account, which has channeled Castle’s raw, world-weary attitude close to perfection, today brings forth four all-new images for The Punisher, teasing old friends (Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen) and new enemies (Paul Schulze’s William Rawlins). There’s also another shot of Frank Castle and Micro housed up on a New York rooftop, presumably staking out a nearby target/hotspot.

Following in the footsteps of The Defenders, which brought together Marvel and Netflix’s street-level heroes to combat The Hand in and around Midland Circle, The Punisher is perhaps the perfect tonic for those burnt out on supernatural ninjas and talk of the Immortal Iron Fist.

Set to document Frank Castle’s formative years in the US Marines, series showrunner Steve Lightfoot has vowed to shed light on the “human side” of Jon Bernthal’s vigilante, who was first introduced in the second season of Daredevil. Heck, he was arguably one the show’s greatest characters, despite falling off a cliff mid-way through season 2. But the Punisher is no longer beholden to Marvel’s Man Without Fear, and next month, we’ll see how Castle fares when standing on his own two feet, assault rifle in hand.

“One batch, two patch. Penny and dime.” The Punisher will pummel his way onto Netflix on November 17th. Expect the show’s inaugural season to stretch for 13 episodes in total, unlike The Defenders and its eight-episode arc.