The Punisher Finally Locks Down Mid-November Premiere Date On Netflix


Justice League has some competition.

Bringing an end to months of heated speculation, Marvel has slated The Punisher for a November 17th premiere on Netflix. The Jon Bernthal-led standalone series was originally on course to arrive in October, before the Powers That Be decided to reshuffle their slate in light of the Las Vegas shooting.

Nevertheless, we know the 13-part drama will deep dive into Frank Castle’s history with the US Marines, along with the subsequent PTSD and vigilantism. And though Bernthal’s titular anti-hero is known and feared as a bottomless pit of rage and fury, one who brings the fight to anyone and everyone who stands in his way, The Punisher will seemingly cast light on the “human side” of Frank, as he begins to uncover a city-wide conspiracy that has sunk its claws into the very heart of New York City.

And that’s something that begins to take hold in today’s electrifying new trailer. Circling back to Frank’s haunting spell in the military, this pre-Punisher teaser is all about how Jon Bernthal’s raging alter-ego was bent and molded into shape. It’s also a timely reminder that series showrunner Steve Lightfoot is about to deliver a no-holds-barred account of Castle, who begins to take aim at NYC’s criminal underworld following the cruel murder of his wife and children. Because as Chuck Palahniuk once said, it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

Besides, those postcard-worthy shots of New York’s twinkling skyline are further proof that, yes, The Punisher may well be on the verge of marrying brains with brawn.

Ditching the supernatural elements that coursed through the veins of The Defenders – “zero ninjas, zero members of the Hand, and definitely zero dragons” – Marvel and Netflix are about to serve up a slice of hardboiled action with The Punisher, and we can hardly wait. November 17th is the date for your diaries.