‘The Sandman’ showrunner teases all-new gods and monsters in season 2

Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, The Sandman (2022)
Image via Netflix

The Sandman season one was already one of the most ambitious fantasy dramas you’ll find on Netflix or anywhere else, but it sounds like we can fully expect the world of the Dreaming to expand even more should the streaming giant do the right thing and greenlight a second season. As based on the seminal comic book saga from Neil Gaiman, the show promises to dive much deeper into its own unique mythology should it continue.

The first season is only a few days old at the time of writing, but showrunner Allan Heinberg is already busy hyping up season two, in what might be a canny move to incite a renewal from Netflix. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Heinberg revealed that many of the players who will play key roles in the second run were already introduced in the first batch of episodes, although there are still plenty more fresh faces to come, including Norse and Egyptian gods.

“I love having cast a lot of these characters already, but obviously we’ve got Norse gods to cast and Egyptian gods to cast. We’ve got new demons and we’ve got some returning demons, so it’s a party. It’s a very ambitious season.”

In the same interview, Heinberg confirmed that season two will adapt the fourth comics volume, Seasons of Mist. This isn’t a surprise, considering the ending of the first season which teased Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) getting her revenge on Morpheus (Tom Sturridge). The graphic novel deals with a rematch between Dream and the Devil and further explores the past connection between Sandman and Nada, the mysterious woman he encountered in hell.

And apparently we can expect to meet two new pantheons of gods to boot when — surely not if — the show returns. Loki has an important role in the comics, so expect to meet a very different take on the God of Mischief from Marvel’s Tom Hiddleston for starters. Heinberg also hinted to EW that, just as season one blended two volumes together, season two will also tackle the fifth graphic novel, A Game of You.

Keep your eyes peeled for any official news on The Sandman‘s future.