The Walking Dead Adds Twilight’s Christian Serratos To Season 4



Twilight fans rejoice! Christian Serratos has officially been cast as Rosita Espinosa on AMC favorite, The Walking Dead.

Serratos didn’t get a ton of screen time in any of the five Twilight franchise films, but that didn’t stop audiences from developing a not-so-subtle crush on the actress. Since the franchise ended last year, we haven’t really seen her in anything or heard a lot of news about her future career plans, so this announcement comes as a welcome surprise.

Although this isn’t her television debut, she will be playing a role that might be a little but of a stretch from anything character she’s played before – survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Esposito (Serratos) comes into the story in Issue 53 of the comic book series, or season 4 of The Walking Dead TV show. According to Deadline, she’ll be a recurring character at first and possibly a regular in season 5.

In the comics, Esposito and her traveling companions – who have not been cast as of now –  run into Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his party on the trek from Houston to Washington at Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) farm.

The Walking Dead will also be welcoming Larry Gilliard, Jr. (The Wire), playing former-Army medic, Bob Stookey. Along with the new additions, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Emily Kinney, who have all be promoted to series regulars in the upcoming season.

It might take a moment for audiences that are familiar with Serratos (best known for playing innocent Angela Weber on Twilight) to adjust to her as a former-prostitute and survivor of the apocalypse, Rosita. But, if you haven’t seen her work, then Serratos might surprise you with her underrated talent.

Either way, Serratos will be entering the adventure when The Walking Dead returns for season 4 on Sunday, October 13th. Are you excited about the casting news? Let us know in the comment section below!