The Walking Dead Actor Shares A Spoiler-y Season 8 Set Photo


The eighth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead recently commenced production in southern Georgia, and some of the cast members have begun to share images from the set to their social media accounts. Up until now, they’ve all been fairly innocuous little character teases, but the latest pic from series newcomer Daniel Newman may have just spoiled a pretty major plot point.

Newman, who plays a Kingdom soldier named Daniel, shared an Instagram photo (which has since been deleted) of himself alongside Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Jeremy Palko (Andy), and the trio appear to be hanging out at the Saviors’ compound. This would obviously seems to confirm that Rick will be taking the fight to Negan after the villain’s defeat in the season 7 finale, and it also suggests that a significant battle from the source material is on the horizon.

For those who don’t know, in the comics, Rick leads his forces to Negan’s gate only to find that Gregory has beaten him to it. The slimy Hilltop leader orders his people to abandon the group, but when only a handful leave, we’re treated to another exciting clash that involves most of the main characters. If you recall, Gregory rushed off somewhere in the penultimate season 7 episode, which is a definite indication that he’ll indeed be waiting for Rick and co. under similar circumstances on the show.

The Walking Dead will return to our screens this October, but we’ll most likely get our first look at some footage at SDCC in July. Stay tuned for more.