The Walking Dead Clip Finds Eugene In A Sticky Situation


Poor Eugene just can’t catch a break, can he?

After being coerced into creating a bullet for Rosita’s failed assassination attempt on Negan in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, everyone’s favorite mullet-sporting Southern gent was taken prisoner by the aforementioned villain, and carted off to the Saviors’ compound. You’d be forgiven for thinking Negan had something very nasty planned for the terrified Alexandrian, but there might just be a way out for Eugene – even if it means working for the man that brutally murdered two of his friends right in front of him.

AMC has released a new clip today from this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, and in it, Negan gets right to work intimidating his prisoner with the aid of Lucille. After putting on a show, the sadistic leader of the Saviors tells Eugene – who’s clutching a jar of pickles for some reason – that there’s a way out of his predicament, and asks him if he’s a “smartypants.”

It’s clear that Negan plans to use Eugene’s vast knowledge and skill at bullet-building to his own advantage, and, unlike Daryl, it doesn’t look like the snivelling wretch is going to have the cojones to refuse. Time will tell how this all plays out, but be sure to tune in this weekend to find out when The Walking Dead returns with a brand new episode titled “Hostilities and Calamities.”

For more on what to expect, you can check out the promo below: