Future Episodes Of The Walking Dead May Relocate To Europe


Series showrunner Scott M. Gimple has admitted that it’s “entirely possible” future episodes of The Walking Dead will expand the zombie apocalypse across the pond.

While appearing on the show’s panel at SDCC, Gimple fielded questions about The Walking Dead‘s eighth season and what the future holds for AMC’s flagship. Joined by TWD‘s founding father Robert Kirkman, who weighed in on the matter of Glenn’s death and that fabled cure (spoilers: don’t expect much of an explanation for the actual zombie pandemic), Scott Gimple pointed to mainland Europe as a potential location for future episodes.

Barring Fear The Walking Dead, which shifted the focus over to Mexico for a handful of instalments, all 99 episodes of The Walking Dead have taken place in the US of A, and it’s fair to say that a handful of viewers have been crying out for a change in location to keep the formula fresh – even if it’s just for an episode or two, relocating to Europe would surely add an extra layer of intrigue as it broadens the canvas to a global scale.

It’s by no means a sure thing, of course, so take Gimple’s blue-sky thinking as just that. Still, it’s not too difficult to imagine a scenario in which The Walking Dead experiments with the format all in the name of ratings.

I would say it is entirely possible that that could happen. I’m going to continue to give a long, ambiguous answer on that, but I would say it’s something… I’d say it’s something.

As Movie Pilot reports, Gimple’s comments led Robert Kirkman to weigh in on the matter, joking that fans should keep their eyes peeled for “The Walking Dead Sweden, coming in 2019!”

The Walking Dead season 8 shuffles onto AMC on October 22nd. It’ll arrive on the undead heels of Fear The Walking Dead‘s season 3 finale, so zombie fans needn’t worry about a lack of content this Halloween season.

Source: Movie Pilot