Will Jesus Adopt The Classic Comic Look On A Future Episode Of The Walking Dead?


Barring Carl’s impending death and a one-handed Rick Grimes, AMC’s rendition of The Walking Dead has been pretty faithful to the source material throughout the years.

Sure, we’ve experienced moments when the TV series has split from canon, but for every unexpected departure, there’s an alteration, like the one that led to Daryl Dixon’s creation, to help balance the books. For Paul “Jesus” Rovia (Tom Payne), fans have theorized whether this creative license will allow Jesus to adopt a more comics-faithful appearance on some future episode of The Walking Dead.

Indeed, that very question was presented to Payne during a recent Q&A session hosted by ComicBook.com, to which he replied:

I think at some point you will be seeing that, yeah. I think it calls for the horse and the sword and body armor and all that kind of stuff. I think the hair should come along at some point, yeah.

And though it’s set to have a huge impact on The Walking Dead season 8 and its core roster of characters, it turns out Jesus isn’t all that fussed about Carl Grimes and that fatal wound he suffered back in December.

His view of the whole thing would be from a more removed standpoint. Obviously, my view of the whole thing is different and I have a wide-ranging understanding of who is involved, because I’ve watched the show, but Jesus just met these people. In the world that we live in in the show, people are gone.

That’s the nature of the world that he lives in, and he’s very used to actually being on his own and not being in the group and not getting close to that many people. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a hazard of living in that post-apocalyptic world that we all have to deal with. The most important thing is moving forward.

The Walking Dead‘s eighth season begins its second (and final!) rollout this Sunday with “Honor.” And just as last year’s premiere heralded an important moment in the show’s history – that being the celebratory 100th episode – the upcoming mid-season return spells the final outing for young Carl Grimes…we’re not crying, you’re crying!