The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Won’t Divulge Details On Old Man Rick Scene


Contrary to Robert Kirkman’s initial claims, it looks like The Walking Dead season 8 premiere won’t explain the by-now famous “Old Man Rick” scene after all.

At least, that’s according to series showrunner and all-around Walking Dead stalwart Scott Gimple, who spoke to TV Line as part of the outlet’s extensive fall preview. And though it’s now approaching its eighth year on the airwaves, AMC’s apocalyptic flagship continues to pull in the big numbers for all involved, even if season 7 faltered due to issues with pacing.

That’s something season 8 will hope to rectify on October 22nd and beyond, with many of the show’s creators promising a breathless culmination to the war between Negan and Rick Grimes. Speaking of which, the inclusion of old man Rick in July’s SDCC trailer sparked concerns that The Walking Dead would lean on the ol’ “it was all just a dream” cliché to put a bow on the Rick Grimes saga. But don’t panic; it appears that’s not the case.

Per TV Line, Gimple stressed that viewers won’t get the “definitive answer” to the “Old Man Rick” scene on October 22nd, but rather a subtle nod to the moment in which Andrew Lincoln’s protagonist was seen sporting a great big bushy beard, presumably drawing from the “All Out War” comic arc.

We will not get the definitive answer as to what that’s about in the premiere. This season is very much about them fighting back. Fighting can be scary, and there’s uncertainty to it, but in and of itself, it is a hopeful act.

The Walking Dead is slated for a premiere on October 22nd – just don’t hold your breath for a crossover with AMC’s companion series, Fear the Walking Dead.

Source: TVLine

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