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Andrew Lincoln Not Opposed To Recasting Rick For A Walking Dead Prequel Series

Could AMC spin out a Walking Dead prequel series based on the pre-apocalypse adventures of Rick Grimes? Andrew Lincoln certainly thinks so.

Of all the many possible narrative permutations that could be spun out from Rick Grimes’ last hurrah on The Walking Dead, few have stopped to consider the idea of a full-blown prequel series.

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From what we understand, AMC has drawn up plans for a trilogy of movies featuring Andrew Lincoln’s fan-favorite, the first of which will likely be with us at some point next year. But while chatting to The Hollywood Reporter (h/t ComicBook.com) immediately after his big send-off, Lincoln addressed the possibility of recasting his on-screen character and allowing a young actor to explore what it was like for Rick Grimes before the world went to hell in a handcart.

Via THR:

Why not? I think the possibilities are endless. It’s an extraordinary environment and landscape, the mythology that Robert Kirkman has created, and I love that. I want to see that with Negan. That’s a backstory that I want to see on the mothership; I’m fascinated by it. But [this franchise] can pull people backwards and forwards. I would love to see Michael Rooker [who played Merle] back on screen in a miniseries. With these kinds of shows, we are afforded the opportunity to bounce around narratively and be able to play with time.

AMC already has a Walking Dead prequel series in the form of Fear The Walking Dead, so we imagine they’d be more inclined to explore the future of Rick’s story, before getting caught up in the past. Besides, fans are still pining for that mooted Negan spinoff…

The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes have officially gone their separate waysfor now. Andrew Lincoln’s grizzled survivor is still alive and kicking thanks to an opportune helicopter flight, though exactly what comes next for Rick Grimes is another question entirely – a question that likely won’t be answered until at least 2019, by which point AMC should be ready to launch the first of three TV movies centering on Lincoln’s gruff hero.