The Walking Dead Promo Image Teases Negan’s Arrival


We recently got our very first look at Negan in the teaser for this Sunday’s season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and now AMC has released a new promo image of the vicious villain and his dreaded weapon of choice, “Lucille.”

Like our glimpse of him in the teaser, this is another shot of Negan’s back, so they’re obviously saving the full reveal of actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s (Watchmen, Batman V Superman) face for the episode itself.

After the events of the penultimate installment this past Sunday we have several candidates lined up to suffer a horrible fate at the hands of the leader of the Saviors, as Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita are all captured. There’s also a pretty good chance that Carol and Morgan will be joining them.

In the comics, it’s Glenn who meets “Lucille,” but many people seem to feel that’ll be changed up, and Daryl will take his place. The crossbow wielding badass was never a character in the comics, and rumor has it actor Norman Reedus has several movie projects in the pipeline which would clash with his Walking Dead schedule.

Whoever it winds up being, we don’t have too long to go before finding out, as the season finale of The Walking Dead airs in just 5 days time.