The Walking Dead EP Says The Door’s Always Open For Andrew Lincoln To Return


You’ll search far and wide to find a character so central – and so important – to a TV series as Rick Grimes.

And yet, after nine seasons (and change), Andrew Lincoln and The Walking Dead went their separate ways, leaving the zombie drama to blaze a new path in this apocalyptic wasteland. Given the popularity of Lincoln’s survivor, though, the Powers That Be have already mapped out an entire movie trilogy for his beloved character, but during a deep-dive interview with Deadline regarding The Walking Dead and, more specifically, the recent midseason finale of season 10, showrunner Angela Kang addressed the Rick Grimes-shaped hole in AMC’s long-running drama.

Via Deadline:

Not this season, but man, I would love it if he did. You know we were talking about having him direct something for a while, but then he wanted to focus on some acting stuff, and he didn’t want to drop out on us at the last minute if something came along, and you know he’s been doing a movie lately.

Kang then went on record to say that, while she doesn’t know much about AMC’s plans for the Rick Grimes movie trilogy, the door is “always open” for Andrew Lincoln to make his Walking Dead return – regardless of whether that materializes in a small cameo role or a directing credit.

Yeah. I mean, you probably know more than I do, but you know, he’s…yeah, the door is always open. Andy, you can come back any time.

Mark the calendar, folks: The Walking Dead season 10B begins its rollout on Sunday, February 23rd. And as things stand, nearly every Sunday in 2020 will feature a new installment of TWD in some shape or form, as AMC readies its third zombie spinoff, World Beyond, for a premiere next year, where it’ll join the aforementioned season 10B of TWD (watch the first teaser trailer) and the latest run of Fear The Walking Dead.