AMC Drops Official Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 10B

The Walking Dead

We’ve witnessed “The World Before,” and will soon lay eyes on a ‘World Beyond’ thanks to AMC’s third spinoff series, but 2020 also heralds the arrival of The Walking Dead season 10B. And after last night’s gripping midseason finale, it can’t come soon enough.

February 23rd, 2020 is the official ETA for The Walking Dead season 10’s second half, meaning long-time viewers of the zombie drama now face an agonizing wait for new content. Be that as it may, series showrunner Angela Kang has already begun teasing the inevitable return of Maggie, while we still have a new showdown between the Whisperers and our core group of survivors to look forward to come 2020.

Speaking of which, all of that (and more!) is teased up above, where you’ll find an early sneak peek for the remainder of The Walking Dead season 10.

Beyond Michonne’s pragmatism (and how it’s set in contrast to Carol’s ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ approach), story details are kept to a minimum – and frankly, that’s OK, lest AMC spoil The Walking Dead season 10B three months before its debut.

Caught in between Michonne and Carol is Norman Reedus’ fellow series stalwart, Daryl, who is “kind of straddling that line between leadership and the stuff that Michonne does, and the stuff that Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) and the people on the council are dealing with.” Or so says Angela Kang. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be counting down the days until TWD returns from its annual hiatus.

And just when you thought The Walking Dead was beginning to run out of stream, assuming everything will go according to plan, it was recently confirmed that AMC’s juggernaut franchise will air almost every Sunday in 2020. Franchise fatigue? If the Walking Dead series is really beginning to spin its wheels, it doesn’t show.