The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz On Sasha’s Pregnancy In Emotional Deleted Scene


The other week, we got to see a deleted scene from The Walking Dead‘s season 7 premiere that reduced us all to emotional wrecks. It was an extended version of Rick’s dream sequence which imagined a future where all the Alexandrians were together and happy. Notably, Glenn was still alive and bringing up his child with Maggie and Sasha was pregnant with Abraham’s baby.

In an interview to promote the Blu-ray release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Seventh Season, Michael Cudlitz – the man behind Abraham – spoke about where the character would have headed if he’d lived, saying it was Abraham’s goal to start a family with Sasha, just like in the dream:

“I think that they show it, that’s the answer. That’s the possibility, is that there were everyone moved forward and started families. One of the big questions for Abraham is that he’s asking everybody, whereas how can you possibly see it logically if he could have kids.”

Continuing on, Cudlitz said the following:

“That’s the whole scene with me and Steven, and Glenn, was about in the motor home pulling a Bisquick we plan on having, making pancakes and how he couldn’t wrap his head around how you could want to have kids in this world. And then by the end, driving the motor home with Sasha, whenever it was, a couple episodes before the end of Abraham, he says, ‘I can see me doing that with you.’ And it’s just that logical extension of that. We see him see himself having a child with her, but in the end, in an alternate universe, they do. They continue to move forward in the world and create life, and it’s a new beginning. But that’s not the reality.”

The actor’s description of the dream sequence as “an alternate universe ” is a nice way of putting it, as it lets fans imagine that some other version of Abraham lived on and had a child with Sasha. Just like Cudlitz says, the season 6 finale saw Abraham realize that he wanted children. Unfortunately, though, that wasn’t the case and neither of them made it through to the end of the last season alive.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its eighth season on October 22nd. Meanwhile, The Complete Seventh Season arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD tomorrow, August 22nd.