Ezekiel Will Endure “Intense Times” On The Walking Dead Season 8; Showrunner Promises Big Arc For Carol


If you want peace, prepare for war.

That is, in essence, the underlying theme coursing through the veins of The Walking Dead in anticipation of season 8, which will see Rick Grimes mount a full-blown assault on Negan and his demented Saviors. By calling upon the communities of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, Andrew Lincoln’s leader is about to find himself in the midst of all out war. But he isn’t the only one in for a tough time this October.

As series showrunner Scott Gimple revealed to TVLine, Khary Payton’s Ezekiel will endure “intense times” while trying to rally his troops for the war against the malevolent Negan.

There are some intense times ahead for Ezekiel. Carol is not going to be surprised about the difficulty and brutality that they’re facing. Ezekiel is a little more new to this. The contrast [between the two] will be pretty stark.

Carol, on the other end, is also set for a sizeable role in The Walking Dead season 8, which ought to please those fans who have been rooting for Melissa McBride’s survivor from the very beginning. You could even say that the show’s eighth season is about to evoke memories of old Carol late next month.

Per TVLine:

Her entire storyline has prepared her for this — she’s ready. The strength and bravery that she shows as a person this season, and the ingenuity that she employs… is very satisfying.

The Walking Dead season 8 begins its 16-episode run on October 22nd – just don’t expect much of an explanation for the “Old Man Rick” scene right off the bat. Ditto for a potential crossover with AMC’s sibling series, Fear The Walking Dead, after Daniel Sharman (Troy Otto) labeled any major narrative conjunction to be a “bad idea.”

Source: TVLine