Rick’s Ragtag Crew Brace For A Major Loss In First Pics For The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Premiere


Though Valentine’s Day tends to spark a commercial rush across the country, for fans of AMC’s undead flagship, February belongs to one thing and one thing only: The Walking Dead.

In keeping with tradition, season 8 of the zombie drama is poised to return next month – February 25th, to be specific – and Entertainment Weekly has spent the past few days detailing what’s in store. From Carl’s impending death to the state of Alexandria, EW’s coverage has left no stone unturned, and below, you’ll find the fiery first-look photos for season 8’s currently untitled midseason premiere.

Featuring the wounded Carl and a visibly distressed Rick Grimes, this is an exciting, if morbid tease of what’s to come. Elsewhere in the gallery, Walking Dead fan-favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus) explores his surroundings, while mother-to-be Maggie Rhee enjoys (endures?) a quiet moment to herself.

Chances are Carl Grimes will bite the bullet in this episode, leaving the remainder of season 8 to focus on Rick Grimes as he mounts one final attack on Negan. True to Robert Kirkman’s All-Out War comic arc, Andrew Lincoln believes Rick is about to face his most difficult challenge yet.

Via EW:

Especially when it comes to Carl’s father Rick. The back half [of the season] is him trying to live through the unbelievable pain, in the middle of a war, and trying to reconcile this loss with what he’s fighting for. This is his worst nightmare being realized.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead makes its return on February 25th, by which point we’ll have a better understanding of how AMC plans to incorporate Morgan Jones (Lennie James) into its prequel series, Fear The Walking Dead. Remember, James plans to exit TWD by the end of season 8, lending AMC creators the chance to explore Morgan’s story soon after he left Rick in Atlanta.