The Walking Dead’s Steven Ogg Previews Simon/Jadis Clash Ahead Of Sunday’s Installment


Let it be known that Steven Ogg’s Simon is the loosest of loose cannons.

Like most other characters played by Ogg (see: Westworld, Grand Theft Auto V), Simon is as fiery as is he unpredictable, and it’s this tenacity that has allowed his high-ranking Savior to become one of the most compelling villains on The Walking Dead – second only to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan.

And now that season 8 has officially returned to our screens, kicking off with last week’s somber “Honor,” Steven Ogg has previewed the moment when Simon and Jadis come to blows on this Sunday’s installment, “The Lost and the Plunderers.”

Everyone has their outpost, right? So now it’s a matter of, with the s— going down…everyone’s going to confront these other communities now. There’s gotta be who’s playing who, who’s doing what, who do I have on my side, who can I trust, who can’t I trust? So, this is Simon going to the heapsters, the dumpsters, and he’s gonna figure out, okay, what exactly happened there before, what are we willing to forgive and forget, what are we willing to work with…It’s ‘let’s have a little talk. Let me give you an opportunity to chat.’ To figure out where people are coming from and what the game plan is here.

Buckle up, folks, Steven Ogg’s Simon looks to be taking no prisoners as he begins to stamp his authority, and that’s despite the fact that his Savior actually spared Maggie’s life in the mid-season finale, “How It’s Gotta Be.”

There are now only seven episodes remaining in The Walking Dead season 8, and though AMC has already issued the go-ahead for a ninth season (sans Lauren Cohan, it seems), fans are eagerly anticipating that final duel between Negan and Rick Grimes.