The Walking Dead Season 9 Teaser Trailer Heralds A Bold New Era


Change is afoot for AMC’s The Walking Dead, that much we know.

With Andrew Lincoln set to bow out after only about six episodes and Lauren Cohan also on her way to the exit door, AMC is left facing a somewhat tricky transition period, and while there are still many questions to be answered between now and October, the first teaser trailer for season 9 is here to ease our worries.

Arriving just in time for the show’s much-anticipated panel at San Diego Comic-Con (where the full trailer will be offered up), this quick appetizer gives us a sneak peek at what will no doubt be a hugely important year for The Walking Dead, with the aforementioned two actors about to depart and characters like Daryl Dixon set to take on an increased role to make up for it. And though this first bit of footage doesn’t show us very much in regards to how Rick and Maggie will ultimately leave AMC’s zombie drama, it does tease quite a bit of the conflict to come.

All in all, it looks like we’re in for a pretty exciting season, even despite the loss of two huge characters, and though we’re still curious to see how things will be able to proceed without the presence of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, we’re cautiously optimistic that the writers have got it all figured out.

Of course, it won’t only be on the show itself that there’s major changes going on, as behind the camera, Angela Kang has picked up the reins from Scott M. Gimple, who’s since taken on a new role overseeing the entire franchise. So even when one doesn’t consider the impending departure of Rick and Maggie, season 9 still heralds a bold new era for the AMC flagship.

All things considered, then, a lot of eyes will be on the show later this year to see if it can continue chugging along smoothly with so many of its key players gone. The Walking Dead‘s SDCC showcase is now underway, though, so it won’t be long before we can feast on that full-length trailer. Look for it to drop tomorrow afternoon.