Lauren Cohan Might Only Appear In Half Of The Walking Dead Season 9


The Walking Dead fans were worried earlier this year when Lauren Cohan was at risk of leaving the hit AMC show due to a pay dispute with the network. We thought we could relax when things were finally resolved and Cohan signed up for season 9, but the situation was complicated again recently when it was confirmed that the actresses’ new show, crime dramedy Whiskey Cavalier for ABC, had been ordered to series.

So, what effect will this have on Cohan’s future with TWD? Well, Deadline’s reporting that the actress, who’s been with the zombie drama since season 2, looks to only be free for the first half of the upcoming run. According to the publication, Cohan’s closed a deal for her to appear as Maggie Rhee in six out of the first eight episodes of season 9. If they want her to stick around for the second half, however, the network will have to reopen those sticky negotiations over her pay.

For these initial appearances, Cohan shouldn’t have a problem juggling between her two commitments, as the first half of The Walking Dead‘s new season will wrap before production begins on Whiskey Cavalier. The series is also set to go on hiatus later this year, which should leave Cohan free to complete some additional episodes of TWD. Assuming, that is, that AMC do cough up the cash to persuade the actress to stick around.

It’s pretty clear that, even if both parties can come to an agreement, we’ll be seeing less of Maggie in season 9. This somewhat contrasts with the season 8 finale, which promised internal conflict between the survivors, as Cohan’s character showed signs of plotting against Rick, as she doesn’t agree with his decision to keep Negan alive.

We’ll keep you posted if and when any further updates arise as production on The Walking Dead season 9 continues, but like we just said, don’t expect to see too much of Maggie when the show returns.