‘The Walking Dead’ stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus reunite

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead‘s season 11B premiere landed last night and lived up to the show’s brutal reputation by quickly killing off a well-liked character. With this episode, the long-running show has finally entered the home straight and is building towards an epic showdown with the heavily armed Commonwealth that’s guaranteed to see the deaths of a few big names.

Now, a new picture on Instagram heavily hints that Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will finally make his long-awaited comeback soon. Grimes was last seen in 2018 in an episode that appeared to conclude with his death, though we soon saw that he’d merely been very severely injured. He was then loaded into a helicopter en route to an unknown destination.

Judging by this pic, we may know what went down soon:

Fans once theorized that Grimes had become the leader of the Commonwealth, though this seems not to be the case. Regardless, it’s likely he’s involved with the group to some degree, a factor that may see him squaring off against Daryl in the final episodes.

Lincoln is also starring in the much-delayed The Walking Dead movie trilogy. These are years behind schedule and seem to be still in the script stage, with the story potentially having to be altered to set them after season 11B, as Lincoln will have visibly aged by the time they hit theaters. There’s also a chance they could be canceled altogether, though word from inside The Walking Dead says we simply need to have some patience.

Let’s hope that Grimes’ potential reappearance in season 11B answers some of these questions.

New episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11B air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.