Pollyanna McIntosh Game To Portray Whisperer Leader Alpha On The Walking Dead


Life after Carl Grimes continues for The Walking Dead, and though AMC’s zombie drama has long made it clear that the famous All-Out War has informed much, if not all of season 8, it’s looking increasingly likely that the hit series will turn to The Whisperers before all is said and done.

One cast member who’s certainly open to the idea is Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis), who touched on those savages – The Whisperers live out the remainder of their lives in a primitive state, using rotten human flesh to blend in with the walkers – while appearing on ComicBook.com’s After the Dead.

And so, when McIntosh was asked straight-up about the possibility of shaving her head and slipping into the role of Whisperer Leader Alpha, the actress responded as so:

Yeah, of course. I don’t know what it would look like under there, because I’ve cracked my head open twice, so I’ve got lots of stitches!

As for Jadis, The Walking Dead viewers can seemingly expect plenty more of McIntosh’s survivor in the coming weeks, which shouldn’t be all that surprising given her recent clash with Steven Ogg’s Savior, Simon.

Via ComicBook.com:

What I would assume as an audience member is that there’s more to be revealed, that these are layers coming off. The language and the clothing and what’s next? That sounds like a commercial for a gentleman’s club. You know what I mean? What’s next? What else can we discover about her? Where will she go from here?

So, I always feel like characters, either they get broken down, so they need to be built up or they get broken down and so they turn and they have more of a wall or something in the way, so I’m kind of looking forward to seeing which direction she takes, but she looks pretty damn determined at the end of that episode to me.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead marches on with “Dear or Alive Or,” and it’ll lurch onto our screens at the usual time on Sunday, March 11th.