‘The Witcher’ is reportedly adding another fan-favorite villain to season 3

the witcher season 2
Photo via Netflix

With location scouting underway and filming set to begin in April, the production on the third season of The Witcher has officially begun. It seems that the cast is still welcoming new additions to the ensemble of characters in Netflix’s sprawling live-action adaptation.

Per Redanian Intelligence, an outlet dedicated to covering news of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fictional world, season three will see the debut of another fan-favorite villain from the books. Indeed, based on a leaked audition tape, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich is looking for viable candidates to portray The Professor in the upcoming third run.

As you’d expect, the audition tape has since been removed, but Redanian Intelligence has provided a transcript, which you can see below.

Professor: “Master Richard will pay you handsomely for illumination as to their whereabouts. We’ll pay if you’ve seen them… I opportune you [Name] so surrender now lest I should be forced to apprehend you with unnecessary wreckage in the wake of my…”

Other Person: “Save the [fat tomboys]??? and let’s get on with it, [Professor]”

Professor: “As you wish.”

The Professor is an assassin who hunts down Yennefer and Ciri in The Time of Contempt with two colleagues. His nickname is ironic, in that he speaks in a pompous way but doesn’t seem to understand the phrases he utters (in a similar vein to Mrs Malaprop from The Rivals. He’s also famous for his golden spectacles, which lend him a non-threatening appearance, though one would be a fool to underestimate him for this reason.

It goes without saying that audition dialogue often doesn’t make it to the show’s final script, but based on this one line, it seems the writers have already captured the Professor’s comic mannerisms.