The Witcher Reveals Jaskier Parody Poster For Halloween

the witcher jaskier

The marketing blitz for Season 2 of The Witcher has been slowly ramping up, with character posters revealing Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer and Triss all arriving in close proximity to a new full-length trailer, which admittedly faced a bit of flak for using a rap song over sweeping visuals of a fantasy world inhabited by witches, mages and monsters.

Bizarre promotional tactics aside, the Netflix smash hit has decided to get into the Halloween spirit by unveiling a mashup of all three aforementioned one-sheets, with the notable caveat that fan favorite Jaskier is filling the roles. As you can see below, the bard makes for a fetching set of main characters.

The tagline for The Witcher‘s second run of episodes has been “Destiny is a Beast”, which has obviously been replaced by “Destiny is a Bard” in the new parody poster. It didn’t take long for Joey Batey’s Jaskier to win the hearts and minds of fans thanks to his budding bromance with unwilling participant Geralt, not to mention his ability to knock out an absolute tune or two.

We’re less than two months away from The Witcher returning to our screens, and it can’t come quickly enough for those craving their next fix of the Continent.