Watch: New Jaskier Promo For The Witcher BTS Special

The Witcher

Netflix has just released a documentary special that takes you behind the scenes with the team who brought the world of The Witcher to life. But if you haven’t already checked out Making The Witcher, then a new promo (seen below) featuring everyone’s favorite bard might give you the incentive.

Fans of the books know that writer Andrzej Sapkowski likes to depict Geralt of Rivia as a solitary character. To that end, Lauren Hissrich and her team of writers and producers also made sure that their version of the White Wolf, portrayed by Henry Cavill, would conform to that inherent trait. And yet, despite his reluctance to admit that he’s in need of companions, Geralt always finds himself in the company of his closest friend, Viscount Julian Alfred Pankratz, the legendary bard known as Jaskier.

Joey Batey received a lot of acclaim and praise for his portrayal of the character, whom fans of the CDPR video games know as Dandelion. The song “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher,” in particular, garnered a lot of attention on social media, spawning dozens of covers and turning into a hit on several charts.

Now, it appears that the royal minstrel isn’t too keen on the way that Netflix is marketing the new 32-minute documentary. Jaskier’s presence, or more precisely, lack thereof, has compelled the bard to take matters into his own hands and release a promo that features him predominantly.

Check it out for yourself below:

Meanwhile, the cast and crew have started filming the second season again after a long hiatus. The COVID-19 pandemic is sure to disrupt the previous release schedule, but if there’s anything we know, it’s that there’ll be a lot of Jaskier in the upcoming chapter of The Witcher. After all, where would Geralt be without his loyal, though admittedly incompetent, bard?