Why The Bard’s Called Jaskier And Not Dandelion In The Witcher


Inconsistencies in small or significant details always plague important adaptations, and Netflix’s The Witcher is no exception to the rule, for despite becoming one of the highest-rated shows in 2019, many elements from the streaming juggernaut’s new original series are confusing a lot of fans.

Namely, a longtime associate and friend of Geralt’s, an infamous bard who goes by the name of Dandelion in the books and video games, has a completely different name in the first season of The Witcher. But concerned fans should know that Dandelion and Jaskier are one and the same person. The issue is simply a matter of translation.

You see, in the original translation of novels from Polish to English, the name Jaskier would closely affiliate to Ranunculus, also known as buttercup flowers. For a brief time, the venerated bard of the Northern Kingdoms was called Buttercup until translators decided that Dandelion, another yellow-petaled flower, would be a better fit for the poet’s personality.

Imagine, even for a brief second, the hilarity that would ensue if the egotistic bard had to announce himself as Buttercup in every opportune moment as he’s in the habit of doing throughout the books. We know that Geralt would certainly get a kick out of it!

CDPR’s trilogy of games also adopted the English name of Dandelion, hence the reason that many fans confused Jaskier with other characters from the novels, with some even thinking that he’s a completely different person.

Above all, the change could simply imply that the show is trying to stay true to the source material, but these small details are insignificant when compared to the bigger picture. Still, for fans who are upset or angry about The Witcher already changing established dynamics, Geralt’s video game voice actor recently endorsing the Netflix series might be a small consolation.

Source: GameRant