The Witcher Is Now Netflix’s Highest Rated Original Series

The Witcher

Been enjoying Geralt of Rivia’s fantastical adventures in Netflix’s new adaptation of The Witcher? Turns out you’re not the only one.

Released last week amidst a groundswell of hype and anticipation, the collective patience of fans and newcomers alike has paid off with what’s fast becoming one of the streaming website’s most lucrative license acquisitions. Both critic and audience reviews have been outwardly positive towards the show’s stellar choreography and pitch-perfect performances, high praise that’s ultimately translated into a particularly astounding achievement.

As per movie database website IMDb, The Witcher currently sits at an overall approval rating of 8.8, having dropped from 8.9 within the last few hours. Had it maintained that score – and it can still return to that position or soar even higher – the Henry Cavill fronted show would be the undisputed best Netflix original. At its current position, however, it’s joint first with a number of acclaimed series, including Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

See below for the top 10 list of Netflix originals as of writing:

  • The Witcher – 8.8
  • Stranger Things – 8.8
  • House of Cards – 8.8
  • Peaky Blinders – 8.8
  • Narcos – 8.8
  • Black Mirror – 8.8
  • The Haunting of Hill House – 8.7
  • The Crown – 8.7
  • Daredevil – 8.6
  • Dark – 8.6

A tight race, then, and right now, it’s impossible to say where The Witcher will ultimately come to rest. New original debuts on Netflix are usually followed by several weeks of erratic movement in popularity polls such as these, so it could ultimately finish either above or below its current top spot. Regardless of the final outcome, though, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich can rest easy in the knowledge that she’s produced a bonafide hit. And for a video game adaptation, no less.

Fans can undoubtedly expect a follow-up season for The Witcher, then, but that might not be the only adventure involving Geralt coming soon. If recent rumblings in the video game world are any indication, then CD Projekt RED could be intending to make a fourth installment in its similarly beloved series. See here for all the details.