Geralt’s Video Game Voice Actor Praises Netflix’s The Witcher


Henry Cavill’s performance as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher has received much praise and acclaim, but before the Man of Steel took on the role of the solitary monster-hunter, Doug Cockle was the voice of the White Wolf.

While the fantasy saga has always enjoyed relative success across Europe with a devoted cult following, it wasn’t until CDPR’s trilogy of video games came to prominence that the world really got to know Geralt of Rivia and the fictional realm in which his incredibly epic story takes place. Through this long and challenging journey from 2007’s The Witcher to the release of the universally acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015, one person has been the ambassador of the White Wolf in the English-speaking world.

Doug Cockle didn’t just lend his voice to Geralt in the video games, but also promoted the projects across news outlets, press tours and even promotional material from CD Projekt. Suffice to say, Doug’s acknowledgment of the new live-action adaptation from Netflix would mean a lot to the fanbase, some of whom have actually been waiting for approval from the team behind the games.

Well, after watching all 8 episodes of the first season, the voice actor took to Twitter to praise the new series and express his anticipation for a second season, saying:

Even Cockle didn’t fail to mention the confusing timeline of the first season that has put many fans off, but he seems to appreciate the talented cast and the fictional world, which in his own words, has been “lovingly” realized.

The American voice actor and director is not alone in his sentiment; everyone loves the new series on the streaming juggernaut. As such, Netflix is currently developing a second season and has reportedly greenlit a third one, too, all proof that the solid foundation on which The Witcher has landed will carry the show for years to come, and we, as fans, could not be happier.

Source: ScreenRant