The Witcher Season 2 Features Debut Of Fan Favorite Monster

the witcher

Sales of all media relating to The Witcher have risen dramatically since the Netflix series first premiered in December 2019, so fans will be more well-versed in the lore than ever before when Henry Cavill’s second run of adventures as Geralt of Rivia lands on the platform in December.

Not that you need to be clued up on the ins and outs of the Continent to enjoy the show, as evidenced by Season 1 becoming Netflix’s most-watched original episodic effort effort, a crown it’ll be looking to reclaim having since been dislodged by Bridgerton, which was itself overtaken by Squid Game.

The recently-released trailer generated some backlash for featuring a rap song over the fantastical world on display in the footage, but it did give us a glimpse at some of the creatures we can expect to be slain in the name of coin. Taking to social media, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich teased that we’ll be seeing a very special version of a Leshen.

The Leshen seen in the clip doesn’t have deer-like antlers, so it may be more important or powerful than the ones seen in the video games, but it’s definitely going to present a formidable challenge for Geralt when he finds himself up against the forest-dwelling menace in The Witcher‘s second season.