The Witcher Season 2 Will Feature A Fan Favorite Monster From The Games

The Witcher

The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher gave us a lot of instances where Geralt had the opportunity to showcase his monster-killing skills, but fans are wondering if the show will continue to develop this element in the future.

The new Netflix original series is based on the Witcher saga by Andrej Sapkowski and tells the story of a solitary monster-hunter in the fantasy world of the Continent. As longtime fans of the series know, after an event known as the Conjunction of Spheres, monsters of any kind and breed were set loose on the world. As such, Witchers were created using magic as a group of special soldiers to counter these creatures.

By the time the story of Geralt takes place, not a lot of these monstrosities exist in the Northern Kingdoms, and even fewer Witchers remain to face them. That’s why, save for a few encounters, we don’t actually see Geralt utilize his expertise in the main saga of books. Still, the new live-action adaptation managed to give us several satisfying instances where the White Wolf used his silver sword to slice up these wicked creatures, which is always a delight to watch.

But will we see any more of these monsters in future seasons? Well, according to a new report from Redanian Intelligence, a website that covers everything related to the world of The Witcher, the second season will introduce a leshy monster.

While leshys are only briefly mentioned in the books, fans of the games know them as leshens, and have occasionally encountered them in abandoned or less-frequented places of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Besides confirming that a leshen will appear in The Witcher, Redanian Intelligence claims that this confrontation with one of the characters will have huge ramifications for the plot. Although, we don’t know which character will face this monster. However, taking a previous report into account, our bets are on one of Geralt’s comrades in Kaer Morhen.