‘The Witcher’ season 2 reveals character poster for Roach

The Witcher

Geralt faces a lot of adversities in his arduous journey through the Witcher saga, going toe-to-toe with despicable monstrosities of all sorts, many of whom ironically turn out to be people. But if the White Wolf of Rivia always lives to fight another day, it’s in no small part thanks to his ever-loyal and watchful companion, and no, we aren’t talking about Jaskier.

Indeed, while the esteemed bard always manages to be there for the monster-hunter when it matters, we could argue that Geralt would’ve been dead many times over if it weren’t for his steadfast mare.

Now, it’s true that Roach is the name our protagonist has given every horse he’s ever owned, so there’s not much of a sentimental bond there, but the Roach we’ve come to know in the TV adaptation has yet to meet an untimely end unless he faces tragedy in season two.

To celebrate the importance of Roach, whom many fans of CD Projekt Red’s video game trilogy deem to be a super-fast, teleporting, demonic nightmare, Netflix has just released a poster from the upcoming second season of The Witcher featuring the legendary and possibly celestial horse.

Pretty tongue-in-cheek as official promotional posters go, eh? Though there’s no denying that having to face and slay strange beasts on a regular basis must make being Geralt’s horse one of the deadliest career paths a mare would choose, arguably even deadlier than that of a war horse.

Hopefully, both Geralt and his ride will survive the turmoil that’s yet to unravel in the world of The Witcher when it returns to our screens on Dec. 17.