‘The Witcher’ star teases what’s next for Vesemir

the witcher vesemir
Image via Netflix

Even though the audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is hovering at a surprisingly low 63%, there’s a whole lot of Netflix subscribers and critics out there firmly of the belief that Season 2 of The Witcher is superior to the first run of episodes.

After an excruciating two-year wait, fans were plunged back into the fantastical world of the Continent, with multiple warring factions all moving pieces around the chessboard, but Freya Allan’s Ciri was at the center of it all. One of the best new additions to the ensemble was Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir, who brought Geralt of Rivia’s iconic mentor to memorable life.

Vesemir has a complicated arc this season, torn between his sense of loyalty and duty, so it’s no shock to hear Bodnia admit to Collider that even he isn’t sure what comes next for the patriarch of Kaer Morhen following a finale that tested him to his physical and emotional limits.

“It’s so complex. I’m still working on it! It’s like, oh god, it’s awful. You’re totally right, and that is exactly the complex inside Vesemir right now and I have no idea where it’s going with that painfulness. To sacrifice and go into that mindset and, you know, I could lose my own son! I can lose her, I can lose everything just to keep on going with creating more witchers. It’s tough. It’s very tough. I’m still working on it.”

The Witcher will always be driven Geralt and Ciri’s relationship, something that’s been established since the very beginning, but Vesemir has a key part to play as the wizened old sage of the cast, one that’s just as capable when it comes to kicking ass as he is dispelling nuggets of sage wisdom.