New Star Wars Theory Says Baby Yoda May Become The Second Mandalorian Jedi


The first season of the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian has been quite successful, resonating with many Star Wars fans. Of course, The Child, frequently referred to as Baby Yoda, kind of steals the spotlight as Din Djarin wrestles with what he must do for the creature’s wellbeing.

Baby Yoda’s got a lot going for him, even though he may only be 50 years old. His dashing good looks and adorable wave are perhaps just as admirable as his acute Force sensitivity. He and the Mandalorian have been engaged in a budding friendship, too, and the close of the show’s first season has the two of them getting along famously.

Speaking of which, the finale offered the most intense and climactic chapter yet for Disney’s The Mandalorian, as it brought us some very personal insight into who Din Djarin is and what The Child’s capable of doing. It also provided a terrific showdown between the protagonists and Moff Gideon. What’s even more noteworthy though is the weapon Gideon wields: the legendary Darksaber. It’s certainly sparked fans’ imaginations and in a new theory, ScreenRant has tied a possible connection between Baby Yoda’s future and the maker of the Darksaber.

The Darksaber, a unique blade of energy, has Mandalorian origins. A millennium or so prior to the events in the show, a member of the esteemed race of warriors was welcomed into the Jedi Order. This was Tarre Vizsla, who was but a youngling at the time of his entry into the Order. Vizsla made history though, whether famously or infamously, as the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. This was truly a rarity, as the Jedi and Mandalorians were militaristic rivals once upon a time.

Tarre Vizsla’s Darksaber was stolen posthumously by others from the Vizsla clan though. It follows, or is at least assumed, that Moff Gideon then acquired (stole) this iconic weapon when he went to the planet Mandalore. That catches us up to the point at which we find Gideon confronting Din Djarin and his friends in the conflict over The Child.

With the finale ending the way it did, we’re practically guaranteed to see more of Moff Gideon and that Darksaber and this new fan theory would likely see this weapon as symbolic, representing the coming of a new Mandalorian Jedi warrior. You see, our friends over at ScreenRant think Baby Yoda is more than capable of becoming the second such warrior. After all, this kid’s got plenty of Force spunk. Plus, his caretaker and defensive father figure is a man of Mandalore.

The Mandalorian

In the future, Mando could potentially reclaim the Darksaber for his people. Additionally, The Armorer assigned a new mission for Din Djarin – to either find The Child’s own kind, or to bring him up by the commandments of the Way. In any case, Baby Yoda isn’t going anywhere; he’s the greatest Star Wars phenomenon since…well, lightsabers probably. That means he and Mando will have plenty of time to learn from each other.

The theory notes that it’s not probable that we’ll see the Child live up to the same calling as Master Yoda himself, but nonetheless, The Child’s Force abilities and his companionship with Mando make him a perfect candidate for the second Mandalorian Jedi.

Source: ScreenRant