This Controversial Show About Police Brutality Is Dominating Streaming

Recent controversies surrounding police brutality haven’t just affected the United States — many other countries have seen protests now and over the years. One of the most famous cases of this was in Spain where in 2017, reports surfaced of excessive force used in Catalonia by police. Now a mini-series covered the police force there is absolutely exploding on HBO Max according to stats from FlixPatrol.

The series has been called everything from “humiliating and defamatory” to “absolute garbage” by various police unions as it depicts officers doing everything from snorting cocaine to stalking their ex-girlfriends. Still, others have said that Riot Police offers a raw sympathetic portrayal of the police.

“A fictionalised look into the human tragedy of riot police and police brutality in Spain.”It’s a group of professionals who are so hated and controversial. Unfortunately, over the last 10 years or so, they have become more and more well-known, for reasons that we are all familiar with.

We never wanted to insult anyone. On the contrary, after making this series the biggest sensation it left us with was one of… I wouldn’t want to use the word pity, but certainly concern for the riot police.”

Series Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen to The Irish Times

Anyone that wants to decide for themselves what they think about Riot Police and the controversies surrounding it can find it streaming now on HBO Max.