This Crime Drama Is The #1 Movie On Netflix Today

The sheer amount of content on Netflix makes it possible for lesser-known movies and series to pull in large numbers of subscribers, especially when aggregated across multiple territories. This trend appears to be the case for The Stronghold, a French crime drama that is currently doing very well on the streaming platform, where its combined points internationally mean that it’s sitting at the top of the overall charts, beating out the likes of new release Kate and classics like Man on Fire.

Based on a true story, this Cédric Jimenez-directed picture deals with three Marseille cops working as part of the BAC Nord force, a group specializing in narcotics. Frustrated by having to work on low-level cases, their lives change when their boss allows them to trade a significant quantity of cannabis for a valuable tip from an informant. As is probably to be expected, things don’t go as smoothly as the team might have hoped.

the stronghold

Why, then, has The Stronghold made such an impact with Netflix audiences? One answer may be the success of true crime and French drama on the platform, including the recent Lupin, as well as good word-of-mouth for its action sequences and character development. Other crime-themed productions such as Clickbait have also made a decent impression with viewers this year, while stars like Jason Statham are consistently reliable draws for the service.

Looking at the full top ten list for today, it’s notable how action or crime thrillers are dominating the rankings at the moment, including Liam Neeson’s The Marksman and the Denzel Washington-starring Equalizer 2. Going on what we’re hearing about The Stronghold, then, it seems that this one is definitely worth a watch, particularly if you’re a fan of foreign-language genre films pulled off with style and plenty of effective set-pieces.