This Disney Plus reboot of a classic movie won’t be getting a season 2

Ever since the launch of Disney Plus, the studio has been mining their back catalog of classic movies to reboot, with the many resulting projects varying in popularity. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, for instance, did well enough to get renewed for a second season. On the other hand, those hoping for a sophomore run for the Turner & Hooch TV series should prepare to be disappointed.

Though Disney has yet to officially comment on whether it’s coming back or not, one cast member of the dog ‘n’ detective show has all but confirmed that there’s no chance of a Turner & Hooch season 2. Retweeting a fan’s joking tweet about waiting for new episodes, star Brandon Jay McLaren responded, “Don’t hold your breath. You’ll die.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, McLaren then retweeted another fan’s angry reply to the news, suggesting their own feelings are a little heated on the topic, too.

Turner & Hooch was a follow-up to the 1989 buddy cop comedy in which Tom Hanks’ neat-freak investigator was forced to team up with a slobbering mutt. The 12-part TV series, which aired this summer, repeated the set-up, but this time starring Josh Peck as Scott Turner Jr., the son of Hanks’ character, who inherits his dad’s dog and together they investigate his mysterious death. McLaren played Scott’s US Marshall colleague X Wilson.

Despite being based off a familiar IP, clearly this one didn’t match the success of other Disney Plus revivals. We could speculate that the problem was its genre. While police procedural shows are a hit on traditional network TV, they’re not thought of a particularly popular genre on streaming. Whatever the reason, viewing figures must’ve been so low that Disney isn’t even bothering to actually announce it’s been canned.

Is anyone out there sad that Turner & Hooch has been put to sleep? Sound off in the comments.