This New Netflix Show Is Getting Absolutely Roasted By Viewers

It’s never a good sign for Netflix when they release a brand new original show on their platform and within three days it’s already surrounded by controversy. It’s an even worse sign when that show bombs hard enough that it can only manage to be the 75th most popular show on the platform according to FlixPatrol.

Suffice it to say, it looks like Chicago Party Aunt is going to end up being counted as a mistake by the platform going forward. It was released on September 17th and already is struggling to maintain its 56% Metacritic raiting. Even reviewers don’t seem to find much worthwhile with the show, with one putting it,

“There are plenty of other animated show dirtbags out there who can give you more of a reason to root for them, even if by just providing the slightest hint of a twist on the most expected jokes they could make.”

Ouch… But that’s not as brutal as users on Twitter who have been absolutely tearing into Chicago Party Aunt in the way only the internet truly can.

A lot of Chicago natives hate how the show doesn’t even get life in the city right. Sadly, this makes sense as the show’s main writer lives in L.A.

While others mourned what we have lost…

With such a lack of enthusiasm early on, we don’t suspect Chicago Party Aunt will be getting a season 2 on Netflix. Still, anyone that wants to see the show for themselves still for some reason can find it streaming there now.