This old Justin Roiland video might be all Adult Swim needs to find a new voice for Rick and Morty

Image via Adult Swim/Rick and Morty

The search for Rick and Morty’s newest voice actors is on the way after Adult Swim announced Rick and Morty will receive a seventh season without Justin Roiland. While it’s currently unknown who will be replacing Roiland to voice the two main characters (and some of the side ones), an old video has resurfaced that might contain suggestions for the perfect replacement.

Back in July 2022, Roiland sat down with Vanity Fair, where he watched multiple voice actors doing interpretations of his characters in Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites. Roiland got to critique some of these voice actors to see if they sounded close to the characters in the show. Some were close and some… not so much.

Based on the video, Roiland was impressed with Brizzy Voices, who was able to burp on demand (unlike him). Mortysays was also praised for being close to sounding like Morty, and Roiland mentioned in the interview that he is aware of his work, revealing that he even contacted the voice actor at one point. Does this mean that there is a chance that he could be Roiland’s replacement for Morty?

Another voice actor that received praise was Miles Allen, whose Rick impression Roiland described as “really close” and “the best so far.”

It seems like Adult Swim doesn’t have to look too far to find Roiland’s voice replacement, however. Near the end of the video, the show’s co-creator, Dan Harmon, was featured, and Roiland ruled that his voice was “pretty good.” It may not be particularly similar to Roiland’s but his impressions have the check of approval.

It was confirmed that Roiland will no longer be involved in future seasons of Rick and Morty. While it’s currently unknown how his departure would affect the show, Adult Swim says it’s confident with the team it has for the show. Only time will tell who the network will end up going with to replace Roiland as the voices of Rick and Morty, but at least we know there are talented people out there who could do the job.