This True Crime Show On Netflix Had An Episode Ordered For Removal In Court

Talks of censorship can run rampant sometimes, but it’s not often a court has to order a major company like Netflix to completely remove an episode of a show. But according to reports from Medianama, it looks like this just happened to a new true crime show.

According to their report, Netflix has been ordered to remove an episode of Crime Stories India Detective and must respond to the official notice to do so no later than October 21, 2021.

“The respondents, subject to further orders, are called upon to block streaming, broadcasting, telecasting or otherwise making available the content of the Episode No.1 of the Series 1 of the documentary, Crime Stories: India Detectives, titled ‘A Murdered Mother’ on Netflix.”

Karnataka High Court

The reason why is that one of the subjects of the episode, Sridhar Hao, is currently undergoing a trial for multiple offenses. The episode in question has content containing visuals of the investigation by the police against Hao and a”derogatory statement made by police during the investigation” was unlawful. They contend that this was:

“A real and imminent threat of prejudice to the fairness of the trial and to the rights of the petitioner under Article 21 of the Constitution besides affecting his privacy.”

Anyone interested in seeing the likely soon to be deleted episode should go on Netflix now and watch Crime Stories: India Detectives.