All Three Companions Will Return For Doctor Who Season 12


Right after the season 11 finale aired a few weeks ago, the BBC dropped the bombshell that Doctor Who won’t be back for its next outing until 2020. We’d heard rumblings about this before, of course, as well as reports that said it wasn’t true, but the announcement that we’ll be without the show for such a long period of time still came as a disappointment to fans.

However, there was at least a silver lining of sorts that arrived with this news. In their announcement revealing the season 12 delay, the network also confirmed that all three companions will be returning to the TARDIS. So, that means Bradley Walsh (Graham), Mandip Gill (Yasmin) and Tosin Cole (Ryan) will be traveling through time and space alongside Whittaker’s Doctor once again, which should certainly please fans.

After all, each of those aforementioned individuals did strong work this season, and though the writers often struggled to give Yas in particular a compelling storyline, they were all enjoyable presences and many would say that Graham was actually one of the highlights of this past year of Doctor Who.

Speaking of which, despite its ups and downs, season 11 was certainly a memorable one on the whole and has us feeling pretty optimistic about where things will go from here. There were some truly terrific hours and Jodie Whittaker silenced all the doubters who spoke out quite loudly against having a female Doctor when she was first cast.

Thankfully, then, we’ve still got one more hour left, as the gang will return for the annual festive special. It’ll air on New Year’s Day and see the return of the Daleks. You’d be smart to tune for it, too, as like we mentioned above, Doctor Who won’t be back on our screens again until 2020 and it’s sure to be a long wait.